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Venues Of The World

The lodge, dubai is a new club, new vibe with new people! with its beautiful unique setting, great outdoor garden and dance floor, you'll never want to leave! from the moment you enter threw the door to when you enter our sumptuous interior, you realize there's something different about 'the lodge'. with its main three features, 'chi garden, chi lounge and chi club, the party never ends! chi lounge: with its breath-taking ambience, all white interior and beds, the lounge is a place to drink and party, for all you vip's chi garden: the garden is a 'never seen before' kind of area, with vip wooden huts, a rocking dance floor and amazing dj's from all over the globe. certain nights in the garden are different, from 'movie night' under the stars to dancing away to your favorite beats beneath the moon. the chi garden has a capacity of 1500 - 2000. 


Chi club: the club is the first place you come to once you walk in the club, so whether you want to chill out on the bean bags, relax and chat on the beds or get up on the dance floor this is the place to stop by. the music is amazing; with a different kind of feel from any other place in dubai. if you want to book private or corporate parties then this is the place to be. YIELD is proud that they may give their clubbingconcept in this club as well ! 

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