Insomnia Global – Powerhouse in Music, Lifestyle & Entertainment

The Idea, The Concept, The making of new Generation Formats

Insomnia Global is the company that never sleeps. Insomnia is an independent pioneer in executing new ideas into concept-formats with a turn-key production and the attitude in a no-nonsense mindset. The founder of Insomnia Global Martijn van der Ven, Director would like to share the next thought with you, for you.

As an experienced global entrepreneur, artist, manager and family man, he understands the needs and the experience that people see, feel and share in many crossed borders areas. Working with venues, sites, areas and the need to work with local operators, sponsors, suppliers, promoters, artists and off course, the audience, is well understand by Insomnia Global.

For the past years many own brand productions are tested and revealed to the niche-market, and is now seeing in the near future new light, new frontiers, new borders. From the Middle East region like Jordan, Lebanon, UAE-Dubai and South America Uruguay and Brasil as well in home country the Netherlands the company will rapidly develop and introduce mainstream dance, music, lifestyle and entertainment on top quality level.